Since 1903, cattle have roamed free on our ranch in a stress-free environment, grazing in green, grass fields and enjoying the luscious natural vegetation found along the Walker River.

Our cattle are NEVER given hormones or artificial growth stimulants. We do not add any fillers or other artificial nutrients to their diet. We let them feed and live naturally, never enhanced, never compromised.

Our ranch-raised beef possess top quality genetics that produce naturally marbled, tender and flavorful cuts. You will see and taste the difference in the first bite!

What is Grass-Finished?

Our grass-fed Angus beef offers the finest naturally-raised beef in the Sierras. The herd is grass-fed and finished on an alfalfa diet for 70 days. Then, the cattle are aged for 10 days. Ground beef from grass-fed cattle naturally contains more omega-3 fatty acids than from grain-fed cattle (three times as much), but is higher in saturated and trans fat.*

What is Grain-Finished?

After spending a majority of their life grazing in pastures of grass, the cattle are finished with proprietary gain/oat diet for 70 days, and aged for 21 days. * This enhances the marbling in the beef, giving it the rich flavor we love.

What's in Your Beef?

​​​Typical grocery store beef, sometimes called commodity beef, is mass-produced. The cuts of beef mostly come from grain-fed cattle, recently confined in a crowded feedlot. Primal cuts (i.e. rib, loin, round) are divided into smaller, fabricated sections, and wrapped for individual sale. Some meat has been “hot-blasted,” - or treated with an ammonia solution to kill bacteria and wash off traces of dirt and blood. Then, the meat is gassed with carbon monoxide, which reacts with myoglobin in the meat to brighten the color of aging cuts.*

​​​(*Sources: Department of Animal Science, USDA)

When it comes to cooking for your family, leave the harmful additives behind and choose ranch-raised beef for your next meal.